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We accept:

  • Magazines/Catalogs/Phone Books

  • Junk mail and envelopes
  • Newspapers
  • Corrugated boxes
  • Boxboard (cereal and cracker boxes)

#1 plastic include water/soda bottles, ketchup/mayonnaise containers, household cleaner containers, etc.
#2 plastic have handles and include clear milk/water jugs, white milk jugs, colored detergent containers, etc
**All containers must be rinsed and free of all food and organic material.
**All paper products must be kept dry.

Xpress Recycling offers many types of services to meet your company’s needs. Whether you deliver your material to one of our convenient sites or choose to use our container service, we have the equipment to sort your products to insure you receive the most revenue for your recyclable material. We have a fleet of trucks to handle our container service and all demolition/cleanup projects.

Scrap Metal Container Service

Xpress Recycling offers scrap metal container to be placed at your site for ongoing clean up or for specialty jobs. We offer fast, hassle free service. Once the container is full, contact our office and arrangements will be made to pick up and replace your container. Xpress Recycling offers a variety of container sizes to suite your companies needs.

  • 55 yard

  • 42 yard
  • 30 yard
  • 20 yard

Mobile Car Crushing

Demolition/Cleanup Projects

Our professionals will meet with you at the demolition/cleanup site and review the full scope of the project. This insures there are no hidden variables and the job is properly quote to give you the best price possible.

Paper/Plastic Recycling

We serve as a drop off for recycling of plastics, paper and cardboard.
We accept:
  • #1 and #2 Plastic Only

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